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Gracie Huang


Serial entrepreneur with track record of delivering delightful experiences spanning hardware and software. In 2004 first company started was an Ethernet cable based solution company, which she subsequently expanded and franchised across multiple college campuses. Since then, she has had a decade plus career at companies like JP Morgan, Roubini Global Economics, Guggenheim Partners, and Capital Group in many functional departments such as Financial Research, Sales, Marketing, and Portfolio Construction.

Passionate about: global enterprise sales, finance, technology management, institutional relationship management, design, investor relations, branding, marketing, strategy, research, portfolio construction​. And making things happen.

In her free time she enjoys exploring scenic meditative places, dialectics, Puccini, and modern art. 


BS in Engineering from Columbia University

MBA Candidate from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (currently on leave of absence)

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