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Proximity Equipped

All-in-One RFID Reader

Preliminary Data AA1-B “All-in-One” Antenna with Proximity Sensor
The AA1-B is an upgrade of the AA-1, incorporating an advanced Wireless and Wired Router
along with local program control of the reader, and a proximity sensor.
The antenna for the AA1-B is the same design shipped with the AA-1. It is manufactured using
printed techniques on a stable dielectric, and is highly consistent in performance.
AA-1B Active Antenna – Front
Showing the center located Proximity
AA-1B Active Antenna – Back
Showing RJ-45 connector for Power
over Ethernet (PoE) and Ethernet

Antenna Specification

  • Frequency Range 902-928MHz

  • Bandwidth:  26MHz

  • Gain: 9dB

  • F/B ratio ≥15dB

  • VSWR.  ≤1.5

  • Beam width  H60° E60°

  • Circular Polarization LHCP

  • Impedance: 50Ω

  • Typical Range (Read Mode) Up to 5 meters; covers 100 ft2 from 9-15-foot

  • Dimension: 220*180*50.5mm

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