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Dave Burkus

David W. "Dave" Berkus is an American angel investor - venture capitalist from California. He is credited with technological innovations in computer software for the hotel and lodging industries and was recognized by that industry's Hospitality Financial Technology Professionals association with its International Hall of Fame designation. In perhaps the first use of the term, Inc. Magazine described him as a "super angel" in 1996.


He attended Occidental College in Eagle Rock, California, graduating in 1962. He then served in the United States Naval Reserve for nearly a decade while simultaneously managing his first enterprise, a phonograph record production and manufacturing company, which he created at the age of 15. He is responsible for leading companies as CEO, chairman or lead director. He was recently awarded “Director of the Year” for his board leadership efforts with over 40 companies over the years.


He has formed, managed and sold businesses in the hospitality,    

entertainment and software industries. He specifically deals with business operations and venture investing and serves on a number of corporate boards.

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