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LANTERN ™ Product Lines

Integrated Hands-Free RFID Reader with LED Light: LANTERN Lines

LANTERN™ Lines: All-In-One (Antenna+Reader+LED) Hands-Free RFID Reader

Powered By Impinj & Intel

The MonsoonRF Inc. LANTERN™ series of RFID readers (Patent Pending - US & International) are Impinj Indy R2000 or Indy RS2000 based RFID systems, comprising the integrated UHF reader, Antenna, controlled LED, and  Communications System (a complete system-in-package).
LANTERN™ installation involves a simple connection to a common AC power source (110VAC or 240VAC depending on Region).  When connected, the integrated light will be on, and it can be directed at tagged items. The package design allows the LANTERN™ to be attached to a lighting track or to an Edison Base lamp socket, with no need for additional connectors or mounting hardware. The MonsoonRF LANTERN™ is the easiest way to install Hands-Free RFID reader capability.
Key Benefits of MonsoonRF LANTERN
  • Great Performance
  • Low Cost
  • Simple Installation
  • Install and Try - then Buy
  • No cables to run
  • No Access Points to add
  • Zero Labor Inventory Monitoring
  • Product Placement Reports
  • Zone Authorization and Authentification

LANTERN-T comes with an attachable fixture to the existing or a new light track. Just plug it in and play.

No other installation job needed.  


LANTERN-HM is designed for existing or a new Halo type lighting structure. Insert LANTERN-HM Module into the Halo and it is now Hands-Free RFID Reader.  

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