MonsoonRF, Inc.

MonsoonRF is the inventor of new Hands-Free RFID products for inventory control and marketing data generation. It is “LANTERN™” (PATENT PENDING). MonsoonRF brings simplicity to RFID installations by providing, in one simple package, an RFID Reader, LED lighting, and a wireless backbone that does not utilize the Wi-Fi frequencies that are already committed in most installation locations. The Lantern Readers from MonsoonRF are simply connected to an AC source – track light or standard bulb fixture, and pointed toward the read location. The lamp is controlled using the same frequency band as the RFID reader and the information backhaul: 902 MHz to 928 MHz in the USA. No infrastructure changes are required; Plug and Play; point the light to the monitored area and you are done.


Providing innovative RFID products and related services that are predicated on augmenting such Fields, inevitably implies that MonsoonRF will be a leading company in the rapidly growing market of Hands-Free RFID. With superiority and excellence in its products, MonsoonRF leads the way in creating new markets and applications.



John T. Armstrong

Chairman & CTO


Peter A. Carah

Senior Research Engineer


Gracie Huang



Alan Meghrigian

Senior Product Engineer


Carlos R. Morales



Joel  Rochlin

Program Director


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